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12-15-2004, 07:33 PM
For any of the Brethren traveling to the NY area.....

I was in the neighborhood so I went to Dinosaur for lunch today. (Dinosaur is located on West 131st Street and 12th Avenue, across the street from the Cotton Club in Harlem, NY.) As luck would have it that they just started serving lunch yesterday. It's a nice looking place. I like the decor and the setup. I like the smell of smoke when you walk through the doors. The pile of fire wood is a nice touch.

Frankly, the food was a big disappointment. I don't know if it was a lunch menu or not, but the servings were tiny.

The 3 small ribs tasted like they were cooked with burning plastic. They still had on the membrane and were fairly tender, but very salty. I hate to say this, but Chili's ribs are better.

The pulled pork was tender, but tasteless, completely over powered by the very sweet thick sauce which wasn't any of the sauces available on the table. The corn bread was good, but the piece i got was smaller than my cell phone.

I asked the waiter to recommend the side dishes. He choose, the Syracuse Salted Potatoes - two small potatoes with a tasty brown gravy but no particular salt flavor and the Baked Beans - which had primary flavors of salt and pepper, but not much else. I also ordered the drunken spicy shrimp - which were good, but cold and of the peel and eat variety. Not what I expected at all.

I tried all of the table sauces - the sweet BBQ sauce, the habenero BBQ sauce and the hot sauce. They all tasted like an OK supermarket brand. I wasn't impressed by any of them.

I was really offended by the men's room. Every wall was covered in graffitti, which is encouraged. The graffitti was offensive. I don't need to be surrounded by cartoon penises, vagina's and anti-gay remarks. It reminded me of the old CBGB's bathroom except it was clean. I wouldn't want to bring my kids there.

Overall, I think I'll stay away from Dinosaur.

12-16-2004, 08:52 AM
Wow bad review. If you want to be surrounded by cartoon penises and vaginas just hang out here.

Sounds like a bad place. I'll bet they were pricey, too.

12-16-2004, 10:16 AM
Yeah - lunch was $25 including tax, tip and soda.