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Sous vide turkey breast
Recipe Number: 1356052786
Contributor: JohnHB
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Serves: 8 per breast
Calories Per Serving: NA
Preparation Time: NA
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Brine Ingredients for 5 Small Turkey Breasts4 litres water240 g salt160 g brown sugar15 g powdered garlic15 g ground black pepper30 ml Worcestershire sauce Cooking Ingredients per Breast1 x brined turkey breast80 g butter3 g (half tsp) ground black pepper3 g (half tsp) ground sage3 g (half tsp) powdered garlic2 g Chinese five spice
Cooking Instructions:
Brine 2 hours per kiloRinse & dry turkey breastRub in all dried spicesInsert breast into vacuum bag with knobs of butterVacuum bagCook for three hours at 600 Celsius in Sous Vide applianceChill in iced waterUse immediately or refrigerate for few days or freeze for month or two
Serving Suggestions:
When ready to use roughly brown on extra hot BBQ or skilletWarm in oven for about 20-30 minutes (according to size)Rest for ten minutes, slice and serve

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There are currently 434 different recipes in our Cookbook