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Peppermint Schnapps
Recipe Number: 1262563687
Contributor: Bluesman
Rating: 10.00 based on 2 votes
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Serves: Depends
Calories Per Serving: N/A
Preparation Time: 10 minutes/batch
Difficulty: Easy
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(2) Cups of Water
(1 1/2) Cups Sugar
(1) Tbsp McCormick's Peppermint
(3/4) Cup 190 Proof Everclear
Cooking Instructions:
Add water and sugar to a sauce pan. Cook on medium heat until clear.

Let cool for 10 minutes

Add Peppermint Extract and Everclear.

Start Over until bottle of Everclear is gone.

Place contents in a bottle

Sit in Lazy Boy, strap on seatbelt and ENJOY
Serving Suggestions:
Serve on the rocks.

10 minutes ago was a good year!
Additional Comments:
(1) Liter Bottle of Everclear will make (4) Liters of Schnapps.

Make small batches.

Do not rush this.

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There are currently 434 different recipes in our Cookbook