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Fatty Ronello
Recipe Number: 1148784633
Contributor: Ron_l
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Serves: NA
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Difficulty: Average
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4 oz of fresh chorizo (one link, skin removed or 4 oz of bulk)
1 medium Poblano Pepper
1 piece (approx. 1/2 inch square x 6 inches long) Habanero Jack Cheese
1 Purnell's Old Folks Country Medium Sausage 1 lb. Chub (fatty)
Cooking Instructions:
Cut the both ends off of the Poblano pepper and remove the seeds and membrane. Cut the papper lengthwise into 1" wide strips. Set aside.

If using a link of Chorizo, remove the casing and cut a slot into it lengthwise and open up the link. If using bulk Chorizo, make a patty of chorizo that is about 2" wide and 6" long. Either way you should now have a Chorizo patty. Place the cheese in the center of the patty and form the sausage back into a link, with the cheese in the middle.

Take the plastic wrapper off of the sausage chub and cut a slot into it lengthwise and flatten it out into a rectangular patty. Place a couple of strips of poblano pepper into the center of this patty, running the length of the patty. Now place the chorizo/cheese link on top of the poblano slices. take the rest of the poblano strips and put them on the sides and top of the chorizo. Form the sausage back into a chub, making sure that all seams are sealed.

Place the Fatty in your cooker and cook at 220 - 240 degrees until the internal temperature is 165 degrees (about three hours). Slice and enjoy!

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There are currently 408 different recipes in our Cookbook